Mar 21, 2011

skirting the issue

So I told you I was learning to sew. Here's my most ambitious project yet - and yes, it's wearable! I found this easy elastic waist skirt tutorial at freshly picked.

We had a new discount fabric store open up nearby recently, so I got this fabric (some sort of blend, it has a sheen but not stretch) for $1.97/yd!! This skirt cost me less then $5 to make.

And look, what I'm most proud of:

pockets! Silver matte satin pockets. Sigh, nothing makes me happier than putting effort into something that turns out the way I want it to . . . for the most part (don't look too close at the hem!).

And why, yes, that is my "Linda" brooch I'm wearing with that outfit - truly one of my favorites (named after my mom!).

This project took me, a beginner, a couple of hours to do, and could easily be done in an hour by someone who knows their way around a sewing machine. If you give it a try, send me a pict, I'd love to share it!


Orange Peanut said...

I love the skirt!!! So darling! You were wearing it yesterday and I didn't get a chance to tell you how good you looked!!! The brooch is darling as well! You are so good! Now what is the name of this discount fabric store?

Kim said...

Love the skirt, Steph. You did a great job! And the brooch is the perfect added touch to complete the look. :o)

Steph Romney said...

This is so cute! You are talented:) New to your blog!

Sherry Jarwin said...

I dream of making a skirt! I love yours! First thing I need is a sewing machine!