Mar 22, 2011

hear us roar

I was thinking about all the women I know who run small businesses - there are a lot! They all have different situations in life, but what impressed me was their universal commitment to what they were doing, despite whatever other responsibilities they may have. I'm going to spotlight these women in the next few days and share their thoughts on being their own boss.

My first friend I'd like to introduce is Shannon Fox who runs Little Girl Hairbows by Fox Den Productions. You can see for yourself how adorable they are.

And the kicker? She has three boys, all under the age of six.

Recently though, we found out she was having her first girl. Now Shannon will have her own little doll to dress up with her girlie creations!

Shannon is a very dear friend I know from church. Her unfailing positive attitude (I can't remember ever hearing a negative word come out of her) always makes me want to be more like her. To top it off, she was the one who showed me how to singe flowers - and voila; DBB was born! Here are her answers to questions I asked her about running a small business:

I've been in business for almost 2 years. I started because I saw how much money my sister spent on hair bows for her girls and I was sure that I could make them for less and help her out.

My biggest satisfaction is that each bow is unique and so beautiful! I love making them and then showing people how cute they are! The frustrating part of owning a handmade business is how time consuming it is while trying to balance my business and family.

I usually make my hair bows in the evening after the boys are all asleep. Or, if I have a rush order, my husband so kindly entertains the kids while I finish my orders.

For anyone wanting to make their own hairbows there are great sites on the Internet that give step by step instructions for free. It's also a good idea to buy ribbon wholesale or in bulk for cheaper prices. Practice and experimenting are what will ultimately help your craft get better and your business grow.

I completely agree with Shannon on the last part - it is amazing how much you grow as a designer/crafter as you try new things. Thank you Shannon, for sharing your thoughts and being my first guinea p . . . , uh, guest!!


Shannon said...

Ah, Steph! You are so kind! Thank you for the spotlight!

Orange Peanut said...

Nice write up!!! Two women I admire!!!

Ella said...

It is all about trying new things and growing. Connecting to others and sharing is what makes growth possible. Thanks for introducing your to look at your flowers~

sleepless said...

Thank you for spotlighting my AWESOME daughter..and people don't know half of what she has been through and is STILL upbeat !!!