Nov 5, 2009

Thanks to dear Abbie (sorry, I had to say it!) at the Vintage Moth, we are getting new visitors! I hope you all take some time to look around at the different techniques and pick up a freebie or two (or more). And I would LOVE to see more entries in this week's challenge - a landscape-themed ATC.

To celebrate and welcome newcomers, I'm sharing one of my very favorite images - a vintage plant illustration. I hope you have fun with it.

Click on the link in my sidebar to see ATCs to swap, and please, add me to your list of followed blogs if you think you'd like to visit again!


TheresainMS said...

Found your site from Graphics Fairy and am thoroughly enjoying my visit here. I really like your art and have added myself as a follower so I won't miss anything. Thanks for posting such wonderful and inspiring art pieces. I plan to visit as often as I can. As soon as I get some ATC's completed, I'll be dropping in to try and do some trading. Have a great day!!

Jane Wetzel said...

wow..this is all new for me to find and I am lovin every minute of looking at your art...I bought my first pack of ATCs and cant wait to start..THIS is what I truly love...thanks for sharing your wonderful art.. :)

juno said...

Hi Steff!
Have also come from Abbie (must go back and thank her) and had a blast looking around.
I have just started adding ATC sized free kits on my blog Juno's Place.
There are a couple there already and another big one to come over the next few days.
Come on over to my place and collect a few in return!

Sugarpie said...

Love your blog!

I just found you while visiting "The Vintage Moth".

Thank you for the vintage plant illustration, it's so pretty! I'll make good use of it.