Nov 3, 2009

If there are any artists in the Sacramento region interested in creating a swap group please contact me!!

Carmen Silvers (a very talented artist) asked about a technique on my ATC titled "Us", and it just so happens I was planning on sharing it here.

This technique was inspired by Claudine Helmuth and her love of working with wax. I recently purchased some beeswax pellets. Claudine suggests melting them in a mini crock pot, but I found something even cheaper. I put a small glass jar on a candle warmer (about $5), and voila, melted wax.
I coated my thick paper base with the wax, laid down my images and coated again with more wax. No other adhesive is necessary. I blasted it with the heat gun to smooth it out. When the paper gets thouroughly saturated with the the oil from the wax it becomes translucent and any print on the other side can be seen, which I think creates a cool effect. Another plus: the honey smell is divine to work with.


JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Wow, what a cool technique, Thank you Steff, for sharing it with us.
...and I adore the card you made with this technique! What a lovely effect!

Lesley said...

I agree, I love working with bees wax. I use one of those little pots they used to put pot pourri in and add water so it heated up to make the smell fill your room. I use this and it works great, cheap, small and portable.
Love this effect, I wondered how the print showed through. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.
I'll be back.....:)

Lesley said...

I forgot to ask,where did you get that cute green bird pic??? I love it and would love to use it in my card making and ATC's.

Gry-Heidi said...

Gorgeous atc, and a very cool technique!

Have you received mail from me ?

Hugs, Gry-Heidi :)

Silver Artisan said...

I just found your post! thanks for answering my question, I will try your technique, for sure. I actually coat my collages with beeswax and I love it, yes the smell of honey is wonderful.

Oh, and you are very kind to state that I'm a very talented, thank you.


daisy said...

Here via Abbie's blog & just wanted to say how much I like the effect of this technique. Something new for me to try during the cold dark days of Winter :o)

The Feathered Nest said...

This is a WONDERFUL idea!!! I can't wait to try this ~ and thank you so much for the gorgeous image too! xxoo, Dawn