Mar 3, 2011

Maui Blue, a Coupon and a Request for Art!

It's obvious I love
There are some colors that me extra happy, though:

there's a blue that's a little like this:

picture from

and reminds me of the water
off the island where we had our 18th anniversary last year:

And it's not far from the shade of my cruiser
which I love and ride everywhere - including the post office.

(If you've received a package from me there's a good chance it rode in this basket!)

I call it Maui Blue

my idea of the quintessential Hawaiian color.

My latest design:

Maui Blue

available soon in my shop.

And for my blog followers:
a coupon code
to use at checkout
Use this code and receive free shipping for the month of March
(domestic orders only at this time)

To my
art friends:
if you'd like to submit a piece using this color as inspiration,
send me a link and I'll post it here!

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