Feb 11, 2011

A letter to my followers

My friends, change is inevitable. I started this blog when I began creating ATCs some time ago, it was a place to share my art and see other's. With my flower business and writing career taking off, I've found I can't keep up this blog in the manner that I used to. Which doesn't mean I've given up ATCs, I still love to do them when I have time. And I will still share freebies occasionally, but there will be more posts related to my shop and general interest stuff, as that will be my focus.

I know I will lose some followers, but I do hope some of you will find the blog interesting and useful and stick around. All my past posts will remain, so help yourself to the tutorials and images found there. I will still be following many of you on my list of art blogs and hope to interact with you yet in the future.

Thank you for all the support and friendship you've offered along the way, and I wish you much happiness in all your endeavors.

With much love,


Cheryl said...

I'm glad to hear of the forward changes in your life. Good luck with them. Let me know when the book is published so I can buy a copy and brag about knowing you. I'm glad to hear you will keep in touch with us, as we will with you.

Elaine. said...

best of luck, keep creating no matter what...keep in touch, will still follow you