Sep 8, 2010

wowza - creativity overflow!

Even though we were sad it was our last weekend with our older daughter before she left home we had lots of fun. My eighteen-year-old, her friend and my twelve-year-old daughter started making ATCs with me. They went to town! I was so impressed with what they came up with.

I really enjoyed spending those days being creative with my girls. It's nice to be inspired again. Here are a few I did:

This one is for Marsha at Tumblefish Studios. I'm a big fan of her art and I'm so happy she's recently become a friend.
For Marsha (urban faeries series)

It's part of my urban faerie series, along with the next two.

in the dark (urban faeries series)

want (urban faeries series)



Which brings me to my next thought. Last week was very hard. I wrote more about that here. What was amazing was this rainbow of happiness that appeared after my storm. On Monday I received a beautiful handmade birthday gift from my sister - several, actually. I'll share them with you in another post. Tuesday I received the art piece I bought from Marsha's etsy store and she included a gorgeous hand cut ATC, and last night at the ATC class, I met a whole new group of creative people to share my passion with.

All of these things are like shiny pebbles I carry with me that brighten my day, and I am thankful.


Anonymous said...

Those ATCs are gorgeous! I wish I also could attend ATC classes, that sounds like fun! But I don't think we have them here in Belgium, not in my neighbourhood anyway!

Yvonne said...

Wow, you have been busy, my friend! Gorgeous work, Steff!

Cari Shoquist Gruelle said...

Hi Steff...
It was so WONDERFUL to have met you last night! I sure hope you decide to stay!
I just LOVE what you made from last nights class! Very very cute!
You have such a way with words.... I love that you have these shiny pebbles to carry with you, to brighten your day! If it's o.k. I'm going to use that on my Facebook page.
Thanks again for sharing your site with us!