Apr 2, 2010

The days of my life

Hello from the land of tingling jaws and numb lips! I am twelve days post op and still wired shut. I stopped measuring my weight loss a few days ago and have begun craving the most bizarre things (87 cent 5-layer burrito from taco bell?). I have actually cried the last few nights at dinner time when the waft of real, non blended food hits me. Ah, hopefully this'll all be over in two more days...

Anyhoo, I've done a little art journaling. This was the right hand side page I showed you a few days ago of a spread I did in my new project.

I wasn't sure what to do with it until I stumbled across other art journalers doing something in this vein:

As you can see in this close up, I've created a sort of calendar with little squares to journal each day of the month.
I used vellum for some of the squares on this side because I didn't want to cover up the loverly butterflies.
So...little bits of inspiration seeping into the dull days of recovery. Hope you are all finding your muse!


Limar said...

Oh, it sounds like you really are having a difficult time right now, so sorry for you :( But it's a good thing that you still can make art, and your spread is absolutely beautiful :) Hope you can enjoy the spring!

Anonymous said...

hello Stephanie ! it's so beautiful, the colors are amazing, enchanting ! Happy Easter :)

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful idea! Happy Easter!

thekathrynwheel said...

A-ha! I saw this on Flickr. Lovely, lovely calendar page :-)

Ellie said...

Hello Steph,
Thinking of you; these pages are
gorgeous! I love the pink and the
daily post style. I hope
things will change for you, soon!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you~

Amy said...

HI , I'm so sorry you've been in pain...I can not even imagine. I hope you will feel better really soon. I will send you a card this week..promise! I have not forgotten.