Nov 14, 2009

It' the end of the week and I'm just getting my challenge example up. Oi. Been one of those weeks. Unfortunately the next one doesn't look much better.

Music was a popular theme on challenge sites all over the interwebs this week, I ran across it a few times. There is still time to post your ATC here. I would love to see them. It's a fun theme!

For "Music's End" I used the wax technique again to make my old sheet music translucent, then stamped and cut out the ravens, stuck on a real twig of berries I found outside to herald the holiday season, then finished it with the German scrap I finally got my hands on.

I hope you've all been able to enjoy your art this week. It is so gratifying and restorative to me.

I figured I might as well get next week's card up, too. The theme is "fashion".

Loving that translucent effect, obviously. Please post some cards, I love being inspired by your art!


Dorthe said...

Steff, it is beautifull, I too love the translucent look, and the red umbrella lady is wonderfull.
Hugs Dorthe

Samantha Marshall said...

They're gorgeous, Stephanie!!

FondantKiss said...

Hi Steff, your atc's are amazing, especially the one I recieved..."want" thankyou so much and for the extras too! Off to create my fashion atc now as im obviously addicted! Just cant master the wax treatment though ggrrrhhh!
Best regards

Gry-Heidi said...

Hi Steff ! It has been a busy week here too, we are trying to, (actually we must) get ready with our kitchen floor today. But I needed a "atc-pause" *lol* so here is my music atc :o)
Your atc is wonderful, as always ! I love the next weeks theme :o)

Hugs, Gry-Heidi

Tamera said...

Oh I wish I had time to make a fun music ATC, I can completely relate to your busy week. Your projects look fantastic, very well proportioned and put together. Gorgeous as always =)

peggy gatto said...

i love your birds!

Limar said...

Found the link to your challenge at Junos place. Here is my fashion-atc :)

Tammy said...

Aw these cards are gorgeous!