Nov 20, 2009

I sent this to Samantha down under. I lived in Wyoming when I was younger - just a piece of the West to share with my Aussie friend. If you zoom you can see the town I lived in called Shoshoni right in the middle - very tiny.

Looking for more fashion ATCs!!


Silver Artisan said...

I like this ATC, I'm sure your friend will appreciate it. We drove thru Wyoming a couple of times, not much there, is there? I only remember Little America, which is really just a huge gas station/hotel when I was expecting it to be an actual town, lol :)

Samantha Marshall said...

I love it!! Thanks for the gorgfeous ATC and the story behind it, too.

Samantha Marshall said...

I meant gorgeous!!!!

Dorthe said...

Hi Steff,
love this, and your use of pearls?, beautifull.