Oct 17, 2009

And now for something different...

I think I saw this technique accredited to Bernie Berlin on a site.  You apply gesso over a magazine image, then draw in the general features and alter as you like, then paint.  I think I'll use it for my "Fierce" swap over at swap-bot, because she looks fierce to me.  I realized after I posted this the poor girl had no eyelashes lol so I went back and added them, but I don't think I'll repost the pict.  You get the idea.  I did one with pastels, too, but it's not done yet...I'm turning Rita Moreno into a fairy godmother...
This ATC is more colorful in real life.  I used acrylics for the first time and did some cross-hatching.  I call it "Abstract Self-Portrait."  Yep, that's me.  The two different eyes represent how I frequently see and interpret something one way, and then see the same thing a different way another time.  I'm reaching for the moon because it's always been my favorite celestial body, and because it has such a strong pull on my biorhythms.  My face is also very round in real life.  The blues and reds are colors I love working with lately.

This is for a swap with a pocket theme.  It's a little more like the ATCs I've done in the past.  This was made from a library card pocket with the opening on the side - you can see the tag that is sticking out.  I have another pocket ATC to post, too.

So lots of fun stuff going on.  I'm spending too much money (and probably time) on art stuff, though.  I get so excited to try different techniques and want to buy the supplies to try them.  Tell me what techniques you like to use.

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